1969: The Gladiator's Confession

from by David Nigel Lloyd

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About a sensitive arty type having a breakdown in 1969, his senior year at Glendale High School, Home of the Gladiators.



In hospital, my tranquil eyes
see nurses dressed in white.
The doctor’s paid to patch me up
and say I’ll be all right

They ask me what I’m thinking
but I can’t communicate.
How was it that I came to fall
so deep in hate with hate?

Now what shall I sing? How shall I play?
Here comes that dumb doctor to send me away.
Now what shall I sing? How shall I play?
Here comes that dumb doctor to send me away.

My only hope as I fell in
was that I would defeat
the world and all that’s wrong with me
and be churned out elite.

They ask me if there’s anyone
that they should telephone.
No one seems to like it
when you go through things alone.

No ivy crept round my school.
Just plumbing pipes by the cesspool
A dead school in a dead town
When winter comes, it snows brown.

A priest was here to talk about
the paths of dark and light
but the worst that God can do for you
is put you in the right

Of Julie, mostly I remember
her warmth through the grayest December.
A teenage romance ain’t supposed to work.
And, anyway, she was moving to New York.

The doctor and the nurse both say it will not leave a scar.
Teenage pain, the wound of love, the wreckage of a car.
They slipped me into surgery and took out my guitar.
They have some cheers and potions to amend my repertoire.
They said we went to far:

As if she thought I was some star.
As If she thought I was some Rock n’ Roll star.

In hospital, the haunts of time, a chilly specimen jar.
Where poison and remorse became my soul vernacular.
Where darkness drowned my daffodil girl in her daffodil yellow bra.
Oh, Julie, wherever you now are —more distant than some star:

It would never be too far.
We could never ever go too far.

words and music: David Nigel Lloyd


from Dark Ages —remastered 2nd edition, released August 17, 1984
Regan Hardman: vocals.
Pat Meehan: high hat and bass drum.
Bob Watts: piano.
DNL: guitar, bodhrán, vocals.



all rights reserved


David Nigel Lloyd Yreka, California

David Nigel Lloyd emerged from LA’s new wave scene with the acoustic Dark Ages in 1984. An Age of Fable added traditional songs to the DNL mix in 1987. Death in Los Fumos [1996] blended song poetry, skits and found sound while How Like Ghosts Are We [1998] returned to traditional music. Rivers, Kings and Curses featured blues legend Nat Dove and the Incredible String Band’s Robin Williamson. ... more

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